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Signs of gratitude and hope that you can see every day

SpeedPro Chicago Loop is turning uncertainty into motivation by producing signs with simple slogans of hope.

As you continue to see daily updates about the coronavirus, you may have forgotten what life was like before the pandemic. It's easy to descend into a negative mindset under these circumstances as businesses close, people lose their jobs, and the virus spreads.

SpeedPro Chicago Loop was just one of the countless companies affected by the economic aftermath of COVID-19. A business that once specialized in creating banners, decals, murals, and event signage suddenly needed to ask important questions about its future.

Instead of closing its doors or taking a negative stance on the pandemic, SpeedPro asked a more generous question: How could it benefit the community?

The answer came in the form of inspirational signs that display simple messages like "Hope," "Thanks," "Pray," "A hero works here," "Spread kindness," and "Alone together."

"The happiness and joy it brings people is really amazing and fulfilling," says Eric Lazar, president and owner of SpeedPro Chicago Loop.

The encouragement these signs can bring is invaluable during a global crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. Maybe you'd like to honor a neighbor who is working tirelessly on the front lines. Perhaps you'd like to spread positivity with a simple sign that tells others you're not giving up. Or maybe you just want a cheery reminder that this will end one day.

Regardless of the reason, the impact of positive thinking is clear. Internal positivity can help you live longer, lower rates of depression and stress, and boost your immune system.

"More than ever before, we are holding on to hope," Lazar says. "That's what we've got, like everybody else, and that's why we think it's important to spread it."

If you choose to buy any of these inspirational signs, you won't just be spreading good vibes to your community. You'll also be giving back to those in need, as 25% of each sale goes directly to the American Red Cross.

You can begin inspiring your community with these signs from SpeedPro by clicking here. Check out their work in action by visiting their online gallery.

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