Stranded drivers rescued from Tucson floods after 'heavy monsoon rain'

Stranded drivers rescued from Tucson floods after 'heavy monsoon rain' (Tucson Fire Department via Storyful)

TUCSON, Arizona (STORYFUL) -- The Tucson Fire Department said it rescued at least eight drivers who were stranded in flooded streets after “heavy monsoon rain” hit Tucson, Arizona, on Wednesday, July 31.

This video shows firefighters rescuing a person who was stranded in a black truck that was more than halfway submerged in floodwaters near Calle Marte and Avenida Planeta in east Tucson. The video shows firefighters giving the person a life vest and helping them climb onto a firetruck ladder to be moved to safety.

The fire department said it rescued multiple stranded drivers and people stuck in “swift” water, including an 11-year-old boy who slipped into the flooded Alamo Wash. Everyone was safely rescued, the department said.

The National Weather Service recorded more than two inches of rain in certain areas of east Tucson on Wednesday.

“Do not attempt to cross roadways with water running across them; there is no way to tell how deep the water is or if the road surface underneath is still there,” the fire department said on Facebook.

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