Teens detained after disturbance at Kentucky State Fair

(David Boggs via Storyful)

LOUISVILLE, Kent. (STORYFUL)- Several teenagers were detained by Kentucky State Police after police said firecrackers were set off, causing false reports of an active shooter and creating panic at the State Fair in Louisville on August 16, according to reports.

Kentucky State Police confirmed in a Tweet that there was no active shooter, but said In a press release that “large groups of juveniles were congregating and setting off firecrackers” and they were investigating a report that a single gunshot was fired into the air.

News reports said that two adults were arrested and seven minors were cited.

As a result, the Kentucky State Fair introduced a new policy banning unaccompanied minors. “Please note that beginning Wednesday, August 21, fairgoers under 18 years old entering after 6 pm must be accompanied by a parent or guardian 21 years of age or older. Proof of age is required. IDs will be verified at the gate,” the Kentucky State Fair said in a statement.

These videos, filmed by local resident David Boggs, show Kentucky state troopers detaining several youths and attempting crowd control.

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