WATCH: Fire department releases video on 'what not to do' while frying Thanksgiving turkey

A fire department released a video on 'what not to do' while frying Thanksgiving turkey. (Courtesy: Delray Beach Fire Rescue)

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. (SBG) — Planning to fry a turkey this Thanksgiving? If so, the Delray Beach Fire Rescue released a video on "what not to do."

"Who doesn't love a deep fried turkey on Thanksgiving? If you plan to light up your turkey fryer Thursday, take a second to watch this demonstration by DBFR firefighters, so you know what NOT to do," the Delray Beach Fire Rescue posted on Facebook.

In a terrifying video, a firefighter is seen dropping a turkey into a deep fryer incorrectly causing hot grease to explode and flames to follow.

The fire department has the following advice to avoid a disaster this Thanksgiving:

What did they do wrong?

  1. Forgot to completely thaw the turkey.
  2. Chose a fairly large turkey.
  3. Overfilled the fryer with oil.
  4. Overheated the oil.
  5. When the oil caught fire, they tried to use water to put it out.

Remember to place fryers on level surfaces away from structures and trees, and always keep children and pets away. Wear goggles and oven mitts to protect your eyes and hands."

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