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We understand with so many options out there such as an unconnected TV, cable TV, satellite TV, and now internet or streaming TV, it can be confusing how NEXTGEN TV fits into the picture. You may also be wondering when you can get this service, and what is involved in getting the service? What will it cost? What advantages does it have over other options? No Worries! All of these questions and other frequently asked questions are answered for you here. If you do not see your question, stay tuned, we will continually be updating this list to better serve you.

Q: What makes a NEXTGEN TV different than my current TV?

With a NEXTGEN television set, you will have better reception, more channels, enhanced audio quality, advanced emergency alerting, and more.

Q: Will my current television set get NEXTGEN TV?

Only if your television is NEXTGEN capable. Certain late model 2020 and beyond sets will be NEXTGEN TV capable. Check your manufacturer info or visit your local consumer stores.

Q: Is NEXTGEN TV on Cable or satellite?

No. NEXTGEN TV is only available from your local Television Broadcasters. NEXTGEN TV is a free “Over the Air” television signal delivered directly to your television set, allowing for better image quality and up to 4K quality imagery.

Q: Is NEXTGEN TV in my viewing area?

NEXTGEN TV launched in early 2020 in select cities across the US. Check with your local television broadcaster for when NEXTGEN TV will be available in your area.

Q: Will I need an antenna to get free over the air channels?

Yes, you will need an indoor, attic, or outdoor antennae to receive NEXTGEN TV channels. With NEXTGEN TV you will have better reception, more channels, advanced emergency alerting, and more.

Q: How many free over the air channels will I be able to receive?

Depending on your viewing area some viewers have received over 50 channels. One source to check is It is zip code based and provides a list of over the air local/regional television channels.

Q: Is NEXTGEN TV the same as Smart TV?

No, NEXTGEN TV is the newest delivery system for free over the air channels to your home. A Smart TV is an internet-only based television set. A NEXTGEN television is capable of both free over the air signals and can also be internet capable of a host of interactive features.

Q: Can I get it on non-TV devices? If not – when will I be able to get in the future?

As the NEXTGEN TV system evolves it looks to the future of being able to watch broadcast videos on mobile devices like phones and tablets, as well as in cars. The NEXTGEN TV system will work to add real-time news, information, and broadcast sports to your mobile experience – for free.

Q: Will there be a cost to get NEXTGEN TV or the enhanced features?

The cost would be the purchase of a NEXTGEN TV set and antenna. That will allow you to receive the many “Free Over the air” television channels. For added interaction and advanced features, an internet connection is required.

Q: Will NEXTGEN TV replace my subscription platforms?

NEXTGEN TV will not replace your subscription platforms, but it will allow you to get more “free over the air” television channels with no monthly subscription.

Q: Why aren’t the other local TV stations participating?

The Federal Communications Commission gave stations the option to upgrade to NEXTGEN TV when conditions are right for them. In most cities, stations will convert in phases, or in groups, rather than all at once. TV stations are excited about this new technology and we expect that all TV stations will eventually upgrade.

Q: Is NEXTGEN TV available in other cities?

Once fully launched, NEXTGEN TV signals will be available anywhere in the US. Check with your local television Broadcaster in your area.

Q: Will NEXTGEN TV signals work on existing TV sets?

To enjoy the new features as broadcasters roll them out, consumers may want to buy new TVs or converters. Some sets are already available, and more will be released Look for the NEXTGEN TV logo. Converters for older TV sets should be available within the next year. In the meantime, viewers with older TVs will still be able to watch current programs over-the-air with an antenna just as they do now.

Q: Do viewers with older sets need to do anything?

Cable and satellite viewers don’t need to take any action. Antenna viewers with older sets should rescan their TVs because some of the TV signals have been relocated as part of the upgrade. Rescan instructions are available at and

Q: Will cable and satellite subscribers get the new features of NEXTGEN TV?

Cable and satellite providers won’t receive NEXTGEN TV signals right away, but there’s no need for subscribers to change providers. As stations roll out new features, we think our cable and satellite partners will be eager to make them available.

Q: Will NEXTGEN TV signals be available on mobile phones and tablets?

Eventually. Phone makers will need to add the technology before it can be received on phones directly from our transmitters. We believe the features enabled by NEXTGEN TV – especially advanced emergency alerting and information – are compelling reasons for phone makers to include this technology.

Q: Will NEXTGEN TV improve emergency alerts?

Local broadcast stations are already the top choice for local news and emergency information. On the horizon, NEXTGEN TV will allow TV stations to provide even better emergency information directly to viewers. The new technology allows broadcasters to target alerts to specific areas that are affected. It can also allow viewers to instantly receive much more detailed emergency information like maps, video, and instructions specific to different locations simply by clicking on links in the broadcasts. It will take time for broadcasters, working with national, local, and state governments and first responders, to fully develop and implement this important technology.

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