How does NEXTGEN TV differ from Streaming TV?

Streamers are used to using an AppleTV, Roku, or PlayStation to get access to NetFlix, YouTube, STIRR, and other streaming apps. For NEXTGEN TV, you need a television with NEXTGEN TV or a separate box (NEXTGEN Tuner). NEXTGEN TV is known as Over The Air (OTA) television. This means you do not need to plug any wires into your TV for internet or cable service. However, to ensure you get good OTA reception you will need to plug-in an antenna to the back of your TV. This antenna typically hangs on the wall behind your TV or sits on your TV stand.

If you have never used OTA television, you may not know that your TV has the ability to get channels without internet or cable by just having an antenna hooked up. (BTW: The antenna is not a big deal and can cost as little as $30). Once you have the antenna hooked up, all you have to do is go to the settings on your TV and do a one-time channel scan. It typically takes about 5 minutes. This is true for the current OTA and the NEXTGEN OTA. If the channel has been converted to the new standard (ATSC 3.0), then you will be able to see the advanced NEXTGEN TV features. You can tell the difference because these channels will have better image quality and theatre-like sound. Check out the video on this site for those details. Also, when you select a channel on your NEXTGEN TV it will give you the option to use the Broadcast App. The TV can download this app just like you download streaming apps like Netflix. The Broadcast App is very similar to other streaming apps with search and menu-driven capabilities to view video-on-demand shows or live local station broadcast news, sports, and entertainment.

If you want to bounce to your other services, like AppleTV, you just change the input on the TV. NEXTGEN TV is a nice alternative or addition to streaming when you want faster reception (no buffering or internet delays) or you don't have internet service. With NEXTGEN TV you will be able to receive emergency and local broadcasts even when the lines are down for the internet, phone, and cable. However, if you do have internet, the Broadcast App is smart enough to provide you streaming content along with OTA content, all in one application. The Broadcast App provides the best of both worlds such as personalizing your watching experience using streaming and providing high-quality and live TV using OTA.

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